Le coins des copies 3/ Bossa will live on and continue to vibe as long as songs like this one will be written, sung and produced by these insanely talented artists. Unreal and mysterious, our hearts beat in unison on this release from Freaksville Records. Thank you to Ryan DeHues, whose album "Private Parlour" will be available in 2 days." - L'indépen-dance/Pulsar Radio 95.9 FM

Release Date : June 2023.

Freaksville Records


Ryan DeHues, who won a national crooner competition organized by Pat Boone as a teenager, loves his US classics of course, but he is also fascinated by Europe. A great record collector, he admits to a predilection for European indie pop labels.

After several albums...

After several albums in the vocal jazz style, a few years ago he contacted the French pop duo Double Françoise, telling them of his keen appreciation of their style, his love for bossa nova, and his desire to work with them. By email, by messenger, a transatlantic friendship was born, resulting in two trips by Ryan from Michigan to France, to live, design, and record with them the songs that would make up this incredible album.

Comprising 7 originals and 3 covers, the album's lush, quirky production blends bossa nova, jazz, pop, electro, lounge and chanson styles. The themes of the lyrics are often, of course, love and fascination.

Most of the tracks were recorded in France in the studio of Maxence Jutel (composer and producer of Double Françoise). Some of the tracks were recorded in Los Angeles by producer Dave Siebels, under Ryan's supervision. Among other things, Maxence did the electronic parts. Several jazz musicians were involved, including Berlin-based drummer/percussionist Gabriel Hahn (New York Voices) and L.A. bassist Hussain Jiffry (Sergio Mendes, Herb Alpert). Maxence edited, mixed and mastered the whole.

The instruments' timbres are rich, varied, organic, reminiscent of the 60s, 70s, 80s (Fender Rhodes, acoustic guitar, percussion, brass, etc.), and sometimes an electro touch adds a more contemporary twist.

As for the voices' timbres, you have Ryan's of course, masculine, deep and soft at the same time, a sublime crooner who also knows how not to overdo it, and then the subtle female voices of Lisa, the other half of Double Françoise, and of Manuela, Ryan's childhood friend. The girl-boy duets are sensual, light and full of charm.

The result of a real encounter, 'Private Parlour' is a musically lush album, full of grace, joy, beauty, warmth and melancholy. You won't hear anything like it anywhere else, it is truly unique.

Piano/organ/rhodes: Dave Siebels (3,4,6,9,10)
Keyboards/synths/programming/guitar/bass/drums : Maxence Jutel (all tracks)
Drums: Gabriel Hahn (3, 9)
Percussion: Kevin Winard (8)
Rhodes: Jean Bouyer (6)
Guitar: Christian Pivin (3,5), Grégoire Lecomte (8)
Bass: Hussain Jiffry (3,4,5)
Sax: Robert Kyle (3,8)
Vocals : Ryan DeHues, Elisabeth Jutel (2,3,6,7), Manuela Dalke (8)

Recorded by Maxence Jutel (Mauléon, France), Dave Siebels & Hussain Jiffry (Burbank & Reseda, CA). Saravah vocals were captured by Ian LeVine (Williamston, MI).
Produced by Maxence Jutel.


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